Star Stable Entertainment AB was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011. Based on an existing and popular story, the company set out to create the best and most engaging horse adventure games ever made.

Star Stable was released to the general public in late 2012, thanks to the hard work of a dedicated team of developers and designers.

Today, the company employs a great team, with over 50+ people (and constantly growing). These customer service managers, marketers and developers work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring users worldwide a great experience.

Star Stable Entertainment AB is a privately held Swedish company located in Stockholm.

The Game

Star Stable is a spectacular online 3D game world built specially for those with a passion for horses and adventure. It is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and this means that thousands and thousands of players can play, chat and help each other through the challenges and horse adventures Star Stable has to offer.

Star Stable is the fastest growing horse game in the world. It has over 6 million users and counting, is played in 182 countries and has been translated into over 11 languages. The Star Stable game is owned, developed and operated by Star Stable Entertainment AB.